Sail Killarney East - Collin's Inlet (3 - 4 Days)

Day 1

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Starting in Killarney today, you will follow Collins Inlet making your way to Mill Lake. In this section of Collin’s inlet, you will find a narrow passage with steep rocky sides. (Expect to use your engine when passing through Collin’s Inlet, as there is rarely enough wind to sail this protected area). Very difficult to spot, but well worth the try, there are reported to be native paintings along the rocks at one point along the way. Upon exiting this narrow passage, you will find yourself in Mill Lake. While stationed at this three mile long lake, you will find excellent pickerel fishing and blueberry picking.


Killarney to Mill Lake (approximately 13 nautical miles)

Day 2

From Mill Lake, follow the next part of Collin’s Inlet, through the Beaverstone Bay and on to Bad River where you’ll anchor for the night (weather depending). (Please note water levels in area between Collin’s Inlet and Beaverstone Bay have been very low in recent years, and additional information should be sought to ensure passage is currently viable). Another area well known for its rattlesnake population, Bad River is home to pink granite islands.


Mill Lake to Bad River (approximately 24 nautical miles)

Day 3

Back to Killarney today, you can choose to retrace your steps through Collin’s Inlet, or follow the outside route past Green Island and well to the south of Scarecrow Island.


Bad River to Killarney via Collin’s Inlet (approximately 35 nautical miles)

Accommodation Options:

Killarney Mountain Lodge
Village of Killarney, Killarney
Directions: In the Village of Killarney
P. 1-800-461-1117

Dining Options:

Herbert Fisheries Mister Perch
21 Channel Street, Killarney
P. 705-287-2214
Killarney Mountain Lodge
P. 1-800-461-1117