Lion's Head Lighthouse & Marina

1 Bruin Street
Toll Free Phone: 800-268-3838
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The original 1903 lighthouse in this spot was destroyed in a storm in 1913. Its replacement was destroyed in 1969 by the Canadian Coast Guard after being discontinued. A nondescript metal post with a flashing red signal light was left in its place.  The present lighthouse was built by students from a local high school in the spring of 1983. The design for the lighthouse came from the original plans for the original lighthouse. Then, in the spring of 2000, a severe storm destroyed the metal pole holding the red light. The Canadian Coast Guard removed the flashing red light and replaced it with the student-built replica, installing it in the place where the original lighthouse had once so proudly stood.

Address: 1 Bruin Street
Town: Lion's Head
Postal Code: N0H 1W0
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