Jones Island Ranges

Jones Island
The range lights on Jones Island and Gordon Rocks were established in 1894. Over the centuries, a few deep pockets in the dark brown stone of Jones Island have trapped enough soil to support strings of bushes and small pines. But near the 50-foot-tall lighthouse, the rock is almost completely bare, making the small, two-story structure appear even more isolated than it is. The red roof of the plain, white lighthouse is the only spot of bright color across the landscape, standing out against the deep green of the pines and turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. The light tower rises from the roof of the house, its square walkway supporting a beacon that, along with a companion light on nearby Gordon Rocks, still helps ships set a range for the channel leading to Parry Sound. Accessibility: Not open to the public - accessible by boat only

Address: Jones Island
Town: Parry Sound