Hope Island Lighthouse

North Eastern tip of Hope Island
Phone: 705-247-2051
Email Address: info@chimnissing.ca
Website: http://www.chimnissing.ca
Hope Island lies about a mile off the north shore of much larger Christian Island. The northeastern tip of Hope Island is devoted to a sprawling Coast Guard station that includes a helipad, a long dock, and several scattered buildings. The lighthouse, established in 1884, stands in the center of the complex and is very similar to that on Strawberry Island except for one glaring difference - the absence of the lantern room. The white pyramidal tower rises 40 feet to a flat platform devoid of the beacon that once proudly shone over the beautiful turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. The dwelling is attached to the tower, and two small one-story additions lean on opposite ends of the structure. All roofs are shingled in red, and a row of dark windows runs up the side of the tower. Nearby, a small skeleton tower supports a modern beacon, and a tall red-and-white radio tower rises behind the original lighthouse.  A network of sidewalks connects the lighthouse with the other buildings, including a large red-and-white structure with a platform supporting fuel tanks. The shoreline is strewn with large boulders, making for a very rough waterline that necessitates the long, large dock behind the complex. A fringe of trees west of the lighthouse provides a band of dark green to contrast with the much lighter color of the grasses surrounding the buildings.

Address: North Eastern tip of Hope Island
Town: Hope Island
Email address: info@chimnissing.ca
Website: http://www.chimnissing.ca