Gore Bay (Janet Head) Lighthouse

End of Lighthouse Road
Phone: 705-368-3021
Email Address: mta@manitoulin.net
Website: http://www.manitoulintourism.com/
The Gore Bay lighthouse (also known as the Janet Head lighthouse) was built in 1879 on a point of land named by Lt. Bayfield, the surveyor of Lake Huron in the early 1800s, in honor of his daughter. Attached to the corner of the modest, white two-story house is the square, white 25-foot tall tower. Pretty four and six paned windows illuminate the first and second levels, and a red-trimmed door near the base opens to a bright red, open porch and small stairway. The octagonal lantern room is guarded by a square, white fence and walkway, and inside, a modern beacon has replaced the Fresnel lens.  You can view the light - now a private residence that marks the entrance to the Janet Head Campground, near the town of Gore Bay - from the road nearby. Accessibility: Private residence - open to the public Jul & Aug 1pm to 3pm Tues to Sat.

Address: End of Lighthouse Road
Town: Gore Bay
Email address: mta@manitoulin.net
Website: http://www.manitoulintourism.com/