Brebeuf Island Lighthouse

Brebeuf Island is a small section of smooth stone thrust up from the depths of Lake Huron seven miles north of Midland, Ontario. Its surface is marred by long cracks and fissures, and small dips have collected enough earth to support a cluster of trees plus occasional small clumps of bushes. The only other vegetation is a pale gold line of lichen near the water's edge.  The design of the 35-foot-tall Front Range light is typical: a square tower angling upward to support a wide walkway and lantern room, each painted bright red. A small house is attached to the base of the tower, with a small room added on to the rear of the dwelling. The bright red of the lantern room is echoed in the red tiled roof of the house, creating a bright splash of color against the surrounding pale rocks. The only beach is a small gravel area behind the house where a small dock stretches out to accommodate Coast Guard personnel. This lighthouse was moved from Gin Rock to its present location in 1900. It serves as a front range light, with Beausoleil Island Light serving as the rear range light. The keeper's house is a private residence.

Town: Brebeuf Island
Postal Code: L0K
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