Sudbury is well known as the regional centre of northeastern Ontario. Offering a mix of urban activities and outdoor adventure, the SUDBURY & KILLARNEY area is well positioned to offer something for everyone.

Built upon the Canadian Shield, with three Provincial Parks and 330 lakes within Greater Sudbury alone, this area is a mecca for outdoor adventure. Paddlers, hikers, campers, and the like all enjoy the rugged beauty that the area has to offer.

Originally established as a railway junction point, Sudbury ultimately owes its history to the rich geologic formations discovered in the Sudbury Basin. Said to have been created by a meteor strike nearly two billion years ago, the resulting basin holds rich deposits of nickel and copper. Visitors to Sudbury today can learn more about its geologic history by venturing underground at Dynamic Earth. You can also check out Science North, an internationally renowned science centre known for its hands-on, personal approach to science education.

The French River, long viewed as the border between southern and northern Ontario, is one of Canada’s Heritage routes. French River Provincial Park now protects the waterway and a new Interpretive Centre tells the fascinating history of this area.

Killarney is a village reminiscent of maritime communities with Killarney Provincial Park portraying scenery that served to inspire the members of the Group of Seven, as did A.Y. Jackson Lookout at High Falls, another must-see stop in the area.